What I Do

Helping my clients build the following essential business development assets:

1. A Strong Online Presence

Succeeding online starts with your website and social media properties, and they will only help you succeed if they are planned, developed and promoted with the proper business goals in mind. If you need to create or revamp your website and social media properties, let’s talk!

2. A Growing, Engaged Social Media Audience

Most people get confused when they read so much advice on why you were supposed to jump in the next big trendy social media channel. If you spread yourself too thin you won’t get anywhere. Let’s talk and design a strategy that meets your brand personality and goals!

3. A Timeless, Evergreen Branding

Does your brand identity look like a 1990’s design piece? Had trouble figuring out your brand voice or even stylistic guidelines for your materials? Branding is an important component of everything you do in marketing, let’s design a branding strategy for better business results.

4. Beautifully Designed Graphic Assets

Whether you’re launching a product, putting your stationery together, or doing a book tour, it is critical to give a good first impression. People evaluate your brand by looking at your materials, and if you give the wrong impression, you may be losing potential businesses.

5. Digital Marketing Strategy for Growth

Have too much on your plate? Don’t know how your website integrates with your social media channels, and how they could both be bringing sales? You don’t need to be spread all over the map to make things work, let’s devise a strategy that will help you grow without going nuts.

Can I help you with any of these?

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